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Training specially adapted for people aged 65+. Different days have different focuses such as functional strength, gymnastics, fitness and mobility. Small groups of maximum 8 people to optimize and enable both an individualized approach as well as a good community.


Daily session where you can bring your child and receive coaching and childcare during the session. (NB: the child must not be able to walk)

Consistent performance

Whether you want to improve something specific or come several days apart for a good all-round workout, this is the session for you. Here you have the opportunity to create continuity as the training is organized in 6v blocks. Coach Tyrone also keeps track of your numbers so you can see your progress over time. The days are divided as follows:
<div>- way: Based on basic exercises with a focus on legs and pressing exercises.</div>
<div>- Tue: Pulling exercises and core with a lot of own body weight, ending with a high-intensity circle section.</div>
<div>- onsd: fitness.</div>

- fre: Body Building full body.

For all

This is today's session, adapted to your ability. Everyone can participate - the instructor scales exercises according to the needs of the group. The program is organized in four focus days that roll, i.e. if you go the same day of the week 4 times in a row, you go through all the parts and get a good all-round training. Programming usually runs in 6-8 week cycles in classic strength periodization with test weeks once per quarter. The focus days look like this: Pass1: Olympic lifting followed by strength - nothing high intensity. Pass2: Gymnastics with subsequent metcon Pass3: Longer or multiple metcons Pass4: Strength with subsequent metcon


The session is inspired by classical gymnastics training where the focus is on increasing your strength, mobility, coordination, stability and balance with your own body. The training includes a structured approach with everything from handstands to progression exercises of heavier gymnastic elements where everything is scalable to your level. No matter what else you train or what your goals are, you will definitely benefit from this.


A session entirely dedicated to the Kettlebell as a tool where we train strength, stability, explosiveness and strength endurance. The kettlebell is a versatile training tool whose training philosophy is based on simplicity and a focus on strength and stability throughout the body. The sessions will be structured so that we go through techniques that will help you in the Kettlebell moments in the other Crossfit sessions and then a WOD. You will recognize some exercises from traditional strength training while some are unique to the equipment.


Semester course for those aged between 6 and 12. Included are exercises that help increase body control and core strength, games and play that encourage cooperation and body awareness, and simple gymnastic exercises. Really fun and healthy training and a great introduction to CrossFit!


A shorter session focusing on high intensity running, cardio machines and light functional/crossfit exercises.


Good mobility is the basis for good positioning in most of the complex exercises involved in Crossfit. Better mobility will allow you to lift more and stay injury-free, and in turn allow you to keep a higher frequency in the high-intensity parts. The session is 30 minutes and is between two other sessions so you can go either before or after your other workout.

Mobility and today's MetCon.

A combination class with equal parts mobility and the end of the day's WOD which is usually more high intensity. See passport explanation on Mobility and For all for more information.


A combined technique and strength session. Commonly used are basic exercises but also assistance exercises that are not found in the regular programming. Both body weight and external load are applied. As the name suggests, there is no fluff.


A high-intensity workout with exercises often performed in pairs. Perfect for taking your friend or partner and driving together! Of course, you can also come alone. The class is primarily for members!


Sweaty, fun and challenging. A high-intensity workout with simple exercises often performed in pairs. Perfect for those who want to try CrossFit for the first time or for those who have done CrossFit before but are not yet a member!

The Cave

The classes are based on high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and are guaranteed to make you sweat. Using heart rate bands and screens, you'll progress through different heart rate zones with a focus on increasing aerobic function in a challenging, fun and measurable way. The sessions are divided into 30, 45 or 60min classes and are available in several different variations. Click on each pass to find out more!

The Cave - Classic

The basis of the concept where each session is structured in the same way, it allows you to know what to expect and continuously measure your progress. You work different heart rate zones 2min green, 2min yellow, 1min red, this is repeated 2 times (in a 60min class) then you rotate until you have done all 5 stations in the class. You can constantly monitor your heart rate and which zone you are in on the screens where the zones are calculated in % based on your maximum heart rate.

The Cave - Hardcore

Our toughest class. More time is spent in the higher heart rate zones, the yellow and the red. This gives you a higher average heart rate compared to the Classic and Team classes. The content of the class is determined by the coach and will vary from time to time. The atmosphere and pulse is high.

The Cave - Team

The passport for those who like a little extra pep. Here you will be helped through the class by your teammate(s). Arrangements are determined by the coach and are carried out in pairs of two, three or more. High energy is promised in this sweaty and fast-paced class. It will be more fun together!


Here we focus on the elements of jerk and thrust. An excellent workout for those who want to master the Olympic lifts regardless of their background. The load/arrangement is adapted according to your ability in order to get the maximum effect.

Weightlifting + Metcon

Here we focus on the elements of jerk and thrust. An excellent workout for those who want to learn the Olympic lifts regardless of their background. The load/arrangement is adapted according to your ability in order to achieve maximum effect. Ends with a shorter metcon.