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Our philosophy





CrossFit is a form of exercise that is currently revolutionizing the way people think about health and fitness (see CrossFit’s definition of health and fitness here). It is the only functional training method that is based on science.

Natural movements
We use movements that humans have adapted to during evolution. These movements include running, lifting, throwing, pushing, pulling and jumping. These movements can be combined in different ways to create an endless variety of workouts.

Timing is an important part of our training. Each training session has a clear outline of the exercises to be practiced, and how many rounds or repetitions to perform. We time these exercises to make the training measurable and repeatable, so we have the data to see progress “in black and white”.


How does the training work?

All training sessions with us consist of a warm-up, gymnastics/weightlifting technique and a so-called “Metcon”. The name metcon comes from ‘Metabolic conditioning’. and usually consists of two or three exercises, and can be described as the pinnacle of training. It’s where you challenge yourself and test your limits. Before a metcon, we warm up with dynamic mobility exercises and practice technique in gymnastics and weightlifting elements, e.g., the “weightlifting” exercise. handstand, pull-ups or barbell deadlifts.

Metcon is intensive and has a clear goal – to increase your work capacity. During a Metcon you can either perform a given work as fast as possible, or perform as much work as possible in a given time – AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible). In a Metcon, there are clear criteria for weight, execution, sets and number of repetitions. The data we receive allows us to clearly see the individual’s physical capacity, and we can also repeat your metcon again to see the evolution.
Two examples of classic metcons are Cindy which is a 20 minute AMRAP of 5 Pull-ups, 10 Push-ups and 15 Squats, or Grace which is a shorter wod consisting of 30 free weights and thrusts of 60kg for men and 40kg for women.

Anyone starting CrossFit is wise to “scale” the load initially. At Fit4Life, we help you optimize your technique to make your training effective and safe.