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Vecka 26

Måndag   Strength + Conditioning   A.) 5 superset  3-5 Weighted pull-ups 5-8 Weighted push-ups     B.) In teams of two  5 Rounds for time 20 Push press 43/30kg 30 American Kettlebell swings 24/16kg 60 Air squats -Timecap 20min, split the reps as you want.         Tisdag        Gymnastics   A.) 4 Rounds not for time  2-8m Handstand walk / 20-30s Handstand / 1-2 Wall

Vecka 25

Veckans Teknikövning: Clean & jerk.             Måndag   Gymnastic + Conditioning   A.) Emom 20min  1: 1-3 Muscle-ups (Rings or Bar) / Band assisted bar muscle-ups / Ring transitions.   2: Handstand walk for distance / 1-2 Wall climbs.  3: 10-16 Diagonal v-ups.    4: 20/20 One legged glute bridge on bench.     B.) Not for time  3 Rounds  8/6 Strict

Vecka 24

Veckans Teknikövning: Snatch.             Måndag   Strength + Conditioning   A.) Back squat: Work up to a heavy triple.  -Aim for a weight that's around 90% of your 1RM, Timecap 16min.    B.) Amrap 20min  6/4 Strict pull-ups (RX+ Strict C2B)   12 Box jump over 60/50cm  8 Handstand push-ups (RX+ Strict HSPU)  16 American kettlebell swings 24/16kg             Tisdag        A.) Overhead

Vecka 23

Veckans Teknikövning: Toes to bar.             Måndag   Strength + conditioning   A.) Power snatch + Overhead squat: 7 x  2+1 reps  -Aim for a heavy top set or work on technique at a moderate weight. Timecap 14min.    B.) Back squat: Work up to a heavy set of 5.  Timecap: 15min      C.) 3 rounds for

Vecka 22

Veckans Teknikövning: Hang power clean.             Måndag   Gymnastic strength + conditioning   A.) Weighted Dips : 12-9-6-3-12 reps   B.) 15min AMRAP  200m Run  10 Handstand push-ups  30 Air squats        Tisdag        Conditioning    A.) Every 3 min for 15min  25/20  Kcal row - Max burpee to plate until min 2.    B.) Every 3 min for 15min.    Amrap for 2min  7 DB Thrusters 2x22/2x16kg  10

Vecka 19

Veckans Teknikövning: Ring muscle-ups.             Måndag   Strength + conditioning     A.) Deadlift: Work up to a heavy triple.    B.) Every second minute for 12min 10 Deadlifts @65% of today's triple.   7 Burpee box jumps 60/50cm     C.) 3 sets  16 Walking DB/KB lunges 6 Partner hamstring        Tisdag        Gymnastics + Conditioning    A.) For quality 40 Handstand push-ups (kipping or strict)     Do 50 Double

Vecka 19

Veckans Teknikövning: Push jerk.             Måndag   Strength    A.) Push press: 10-8-6-4-2 reps  -Increase weight for every set.    B.) 3 Sets 12 Alternating KB/DB press Max rep Strict pull-ups    C.) 30-20-10 Reps not for time Ring rows  Push-ups  Bicep curls Barbell Bench dips         Tisdag        Strength + Conditioning    A.) Squat clean: Work up to a heavy single during 12min.    A.2) Do 30 reps for

Vecka 18

Veckans Teknikövning: Snatch.            Måndag   Strength + Conditioning    A.) Overhead squat: Work up to a heavy double.  -Timecap 12min    B.) Back squat: 70%x5 - 80%x4x2 - 85%x3x2    C.) 3 Rounds for time:  30 One arm front rack dumbbell lunges 22/16kg 20 Toes to bar / Kipping knee raises  10 Alternating one arm devils press 22/16kg         Tisdag        Gymnastics

Vecka 18

Veckans Teknikövning: Kipping toes to bar.            Måndag   Conditioning    TEAMDAY!    Finnish as fast as possible in teams of two:    1000m Run - 100 Wall balls 9/6kg    800m Run - 80 WB    600m Run - 60 WB    400m Run - 40 WB    200m Run - 20 WB     -Timecap 31min, run together and split the WB’s as you

Vecka 17

Veckans Teknikövning: Squat Clean.            Måndag   Strength   A.) Power snatch: 7 set 3-1 reps  -Aim for a heavy single if you feel capable, or just work on technique.       B.) Back Squat: Work up to a heavy single.      Back off sets: 85%x3x3 (% of HS)     C.) 3-4 sets 5 Strict press  12 Ring rows   8/8 Bulgarian split