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Vecka 14

Veckans Teknikövning: Clean      Måndag A.) Overhead squat: 5-4-3-2-1 reps  -Increase weight for every set.    B.) 3 Supersets  16 Walking weighted lunges (use DBs or KBs) 10 Hip thrusts on bench   C.) Amrap 10min 10 Pull-ups  20 Goblet squats 24/16kg 10 Burpees over plate     Tisdag For time in teams of two:  1,4 km Run (Together) 3 Rounds of: 20 Toes to

Vecka 13

Veckans Teknikövning: Toes to bar      Måndag A.) Bench press: 10-8-6-4-2 reps  -Increase weight for every set.   B.) 3 Supersets   12 Barbell rows 12 Facepull ring rows   C.) Amrap 8min:  5 Pull-ups  10 Push press 35/25kg  15 goblet squat 24/16kg   Tisdag A.) EMOM 30min Min 1: Row Kcal Min 2: Devils press 2x16/2x12,5kg  Min 3: Box jump over 60/50cm  Min 4: Ring

Vecka 12

Veckans Teknikövning: Overhead squat      Måndag For Time:   3 Rounds for time 40 Wall balls 9/6kg 20 Pull-ups       5 Rounds  8 Handstand push-ups 12 Deadlifts 80/55kg   7 Rounds  20 Double unders  5/5 Single arm front rack DB squat 22/16kg Timecap: 35min   Tisdag A.) Deadlift: 5x5 reps  -Working sets start at 70%   B.) Weighted pull-ups 4x5 reps     C.) 4 Supersets 8 Barbell rows  16-20 alt DB

Vecka 11

Veckans Teknikövning: Handstand push-ups      Måndag A.) Thrusters: 10-8-6-4-2 reps  -Increase weight for every set, barbell starts from the floor!    B.) Every 3 minutes 10 Thrusters 43/30kg  10 Pull-ups Amrap burpee over bar until 2min mark.  -Rest the last minute of 3, your total amount of burpees at the end will be your score.   Tisdag A.)

Vecka 10

Veckans Teknikövning: Push Jerk      Måndag A.) Emom 12min  Min 0-4: 3 Snatch Min 4-8: 2 Snatch Min 8-12: 1 Snatch -Increase weight by feel during the 12min.   B.) Front squat: 5 x 3 reps -Working sets start at 75% of 1RM   C.) Bulgarian split squat: 3x10/10     Tisdag A.) 5 Supersets  5-8 Weighted Dips  3-10 Strict pull-ups    B.) AMRAP 3

Vecka 9

Veckans Teknikövning: Power Snatch    Måndag A.) 3 Set  2-5 False grip ring pull-up / ring pull-up / ring row 8/8 One leg seated leg lifts    B.) 3 Set  10-15s False Grip chest to ring hold / ring hold   8/8 Side V-ups    C.) 5 Rounds for time:  200m Run  8 Pull-ups  12 Push ups  18 Overhead walking lunges

Vecka 8

Veckans Teknikövning: Deadlift   Måndag   A.) 4 Supersets  Bar muscle-ups / chest to bar pull-ups / kipping pull-ups  1/1 Turskish get-up  -Choose the reps by feel, the purpose here is to work on technique on the first exercise. Dont push it to the point where you're form breaks down.   B.) 3 Supersets  10-20s

Vecka 7

Veckans Teknikövning: Toes to bar   Måndag   A.) Clean + front squat + Split jerk: 7 set, 2+1+1 reps -Start around 60% of 1RM clean & jerk, increase weight by feel.       B.) Front squat: Heavy triple.  -Take 14min to work up to a heavy triple.    C.) 21-15-9 reps for time of  Power snatch

Vecka 6

Veckans Teknikövning: Snatch   Måndag A.) Back Squat: 80%x5x5 B.) 4 Rounds not for time: 14 Double front rack walking lunges (kettlebells) 8 Strict toes to bar  12 Hip thrust on bench  20/20s Side plank C.) Weighted skier squats: 3x15 reps  Use two DBs or KBs as weight, no hip extension at the top.   Tisdag A.) Split

Vecka 5

Veckans Teknikövning: Back squat   Måndag A.) Emom 9 min  0-3min: 3 Power clean + push jerk  3-6min: 2 Power clean + push jerk  6-9min: 1 Power clean + push jerk -1 PC + 1 PJ = 1 rep, increase weight by feel any time during the emom.   B.) 3 Supersets  10 Hip thrust