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Vecka 36

Veckans teknikövning: Kettlebell snatch Måndag   A.) Weighted pull-ups: 4x5   B.) For quality:  21-15-9 reps of  Handstand push-ups (Scale Seated DB press)  Ring dips (banded regular dips or bench dips)  Push-ups (on knees)    C.) 3 rounds for time:   400m Run  AMRAP pull-ups  -You’re score will be your total time and total amount of pull-ups. Timecap 12min.     Tisdag   A.) Hang

Vecka 35

Måndag   A.) Hang snatch: 2 reps 7 set  -Working sets start at 70% of 1RM snatch, aim for a heavy double.    B.) Alt Barbell lunges backwards: 4x10 -Go heavy!    C.) 3 supersets  12 Skier squats  12 Double front rack KB squat      Tisdag   A.) Push jerk: 3-3-2-2-1-1 reps  -Go heavy!    B.) Dumbbell rows 4x10/10 reps    C.) 3km Run    Timecap:

Vecka 34

Måndag   A.) 4 set 1-5 Kipping ring muscle-ups / 3 ring transitions 15-20s Hollow hold    B.) 3 set 3-5 False grip ring pull-ups / 8 False grip ring row 12 V-ups / 15 tuck ups C.) 18min AMRAP  400m Löpning 10 Pull-ups  12 Handstand push-ups / push ups   15 Box jumps 60/50cm    Tisdag   A.) Clean: 2 reps 7sets  -Working

Vecka 33

Måndag   A.) Power snatch + overhead squat: 7 set 1+1 reps    B.) 5 rounds for time  10 Front squats 50/35kg  12 Push ups  15 American Kettlebell Swings 24/16kg   Timecap: 14min     Tisdag   A.) 3 sets  1-2 Rope climbs  Handstand walk/ 15-20s Handstand    B.) 3 sets  3-10 Supinated strict pull-ups  10-20s Ring support    C.) Amrap 3 rounds  Min 1: Row kcals  Min 2:

Vecka 32

Måndag   Teamday!    For time 50 kcal row - 40 Burpee box jumps 60/50cm  50 kcal row - 40 Power cleans 60/43kg  50 kcal row - 40 Toes to bar  50 kcal row - 40 Front squats 60/43kg  50 kcal row - 40 Burpees over bar    Timecap: 30min     Tisdag        A.) Press: 4-4-6-6-8-8 reps    B.) Emom 10min  1 Press

Vecka 31

Måndag   A.) 5 Supersets  6 Deadlifts 75-80% of 1RM  12-16 Standing alternating kettlebell press.     B.) Amrap 12min  6/6 Single arm devils press 22/16kg   14 Box jump overs 60/50cm  20 DB Front rack lunges  22/16kg    25 Sit-ups   Tisdag        A.) 5 sets  6 Weighted dips   10 Barbell rows    B.) For time   50 Kcal row  50 American kettlebell swings 24/16kg   50 Push-ups  50 Goblet squats

Vecka 30

Vecka 30             Måndag   A.) Strict Press: 10-8-6-4-2-15 Reps  Increase weight when the reps decrease.    B.) 15min AMRAP  10 Burpees  10 Pull-ups 30 Air Squats  30 Double unders / 60 Single unders              Tisdag        A.) Back Squat: 6-6-4-4-2-2 Reps  Increase weight when the reps decrease.    B.) Romanian deadlift: 4x12 reps  -Weight should be around 50-60% of your 1RM deadlift.    C.) Bulgarian

Vecka 29

Måndag   A.) Deadlift: 5x5 reps  -Working weight should start around 70% of 1RM, go heavier for every set.      B.) 4 sets  5 Weighted pull-ups  8/8 Bulgarian split squat   C.) 3 sets  12 Barbell rows  15 Band pull-aparts              Tisdag        A.) Push press: 5-5-5-5-5 reps      +8/8 DB rows after every set PP    B.) AMRAP 15min  18 Wall balls  14 Dumbbell Snatch

Vecka 28

Måndag   Teamday!    For time:    3 Rounds  20 Toes to bar  20 power snatch 43/30kg   When you're done with all three rounds move on to…   3 Rounds 12 Thrusters 50/35kg  100 Double Unders / 200 Single unders    When you’re done with att three rounds move on to…..   3 Rounds  800/700m Row 20 Power cleans 60/43kg           Tisdag        A.) Back squat: 6x6 reps  -Working

Vecka 27

Måndag   A.) Emom 10min  2  Power snatch + 1 Overhead squat with 2s pause at bottom.   - Choose weight by feel, aim for a heavy set of two at the end om the emom.    B.) Front squat: Work up to a heavy double for the day.    C.) 5 Rounds for