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Author: lidingo

Vecka 46

Veckans teknikövning: Kettlebell clean & jerk      Måndag   A.) Snatch: Work up to a heavy double for the day.  -Take 14min to work up to a heavy double in squat snatch. If you are a beginner you should use the 14min to work on technique.    B.) For time:  15 Snatches 43/30kg  21

Vecka 45

Veckans teknikövning: Power clean (touch and go)     Måndag   A.) Clean + front squat + jerk: 7 set 1+2+2 reps  -Increase weight by feel, aim for a heavy weight on the lasts sets.    B.) 10 Rounds for time:  5 Toes to bar  10 Wall balls 9/6kg  5 Burpees   Timecap: 13min       Tisdag   A.) 4 Supersets 6 Strict press  6

Vecka 44

Veckans teknikövning: Push jerk    Måndag A.) Not for time 30 Kipping/butterfly pull-ups    -Timecap: 5min -The purpose here is to work on quality reps, keep the sets in manageable rep amounts. Don’t go to failure!   B.) 4 Supersets 8/8 Dumbbell rows 12 Band pull aparts    C.) 10 Rounds for time:  30 Double unders / 60 single

Vecka 43

Veckans teknikövning: Snatch   Måndag A.) Clean & jerk: 3-3-2-2-1-1 reps  -Increase weight for every set. Were going for a squat clean and a split jerk. If the split jerk technique is not on point yet you can go with a push jerk.        C.) Amrap 10min  8 power cleans 60/43kg  10 Toes

Vecka 42

Veckans teknikövning: Handstand   Måndag A.) 5 Rounds for time:  3 Bar muscle-ups / 5 chest to bar / 7 pull-ups   9 Burpee box jump over 60/50cm  Timecap: 8min   B.) 4 Rounds for time:  200m Run  6 Power cleans 70/50kg  Timecap: 8min    C.) 3 Rounds for time  25/20 kcal Row  20 Wall balls 9/6kg    -If the class is full

Vecka 41

Vecka 41   Veckans teknikövning: Clean   Måndag   A.) Back squat: 6-6-4-4-2-2 reps  -increase weight for every set.    B.) Front rack lunges backwards: 3x12 reps    C.) 10min Amrap:  20 Wall balls 9/6kg 15 Russian KB swings 32/24kg  10 Toes to bar     Tisdag   A.) EMOM 10min  3 Power cleans -Increase weight by feel    B.) 3 Supersets  12 Romanian deadlift   6 Partner hamstring curl   C.) For

Vecka 40

Veckans teknikövning: Double unders   Måndag   A.) Overhead squat with 3s paus at bottom: 4x3 reps (light weight)    B.) Snatch: 4-4-3-3-2-2-1-1 Increase weight for every set, start at around 60% of your 1RM snatch.    C.) Amrap 8min:  3-6-9-12-15… reps of  Burpee box jump 60/50cm  14 DB snatch 22/16kg  (RX +32/22kg) -Increase the amount of BBJ

Vecka 39

Veckans teknikövning: Thruster   Måndag   Teamday!    3 Rounds for time:  60 Wall balls 9/6kg  50 Burpee over bar 40 Deadlift 80/55kg  30 Handstand push-ups 20 Pull-ups   Timecap: 35min       Tisdag   A.) Back squat: 5-5-3-3-2-2 reps -Increase weight for every set.    B.) 3 supersets  6/6 One legged deadlift  12 Split jumps    C.) Weighted walking lunges 4x14 reps    Onsdag   A.) Bench press: 5x5 reps  -Working sets start at

Vecka 38

Veckans teknikövning: Overhead squat   Måndag   A.) Power snatch: 3-3-2-2-1-1 reps  -increase weight by feel.    B.) Back squat: 5x3 reps 70-90%of 1RM    C.) Bulgarian split squat: 3x8/8  -Go heavy!         Tisdag   A.) 4 supersets  3-5 Weighted pull-ups  12 V-ups    B.) 3 Supersets 6-10 Strict toes to bar   12 Ring rows    C.) Amrap 12min  50 Double unders / 100 single unders  20 Sit-ups   18 American

Vecka 37

Veckans teknikövning: Split jerk   Måndag   A.) Deadlift: 10-8-6-4-2 reps -Increase weight for every set.    B.) Romanian deadlift: 3x12 reps  -Use 50% of todays heaviest DL set, the weight should feel light.        C.) 3 Rounds not for time  10 Double front rack KB squats  10 Unweighted hip thrusts   12 Split jumps (Jump as high as